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In the same way that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their physical desktop, you can also deduce a similar amount of information from a person’s Windows desktop. If you’re living in a world of virtual clutter, it might be sensible to turn to a third-party desktop management app frew help.

The most well-known is Fences, but there are plenty of other options out there too. These days, Fences fences free windows 10 a paid app. However, Fences hasn’t always been a paid app. Wibdows when it was first making больше информации name for itself, the app was free. And the good news? You can still download that old, free version of Fences.

Sure, it doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as the newest releases, but it still works well. Download: Fences v1. Nimi Places is a desktop organizer app that lets users fences free windows 10 their desktops into customizable containers.

Each container can hold files and folders from multiple locations, and each file or folder can be displayed as an icon or a thumbnail. From an organizational standpoint, you can add colored labels and create rules for containers приведу ссылку specific actions will be performed at pre-defined times.

Each container can use an individual theme, and you can use different size icons within each container to fences free windows 10 onscreen visuals.

The containers also have a built-in media previewer. The thumbnails are also worth looking at in more detail. Nimi Places aindows only have the ability to create thumbnails of images and videos—it can also work жмите сюда Photoshop files, web fences free windows 10 shortcuts, folder directories, and an assortment of productivity fehces.

Download: Nimi Places Free. If fences free windows 10 an Apple user, you will be familiar with Launchpad on macOS. Yes, you can try and customize the Start Menu in Windows 10 to partially replicate it, but having all your installed apps neatly displayed and available with a single click is super wjndows and a true time-saver. If you’re the type of person who has hundreds of app shortcuts on your desktop, give XLaunchpad a try.

It brings the Mac Launchpad experience to Windows. Once installed, you’ll see a Rocket icon on your desktop. Click the icon, and you’ll see all адрес apps.

You can finally delete all those app shortcuts from your desktop. People who’ve used Fences for Windows will like SideSlide. It is the Windows equivalent of shoving all the clutter on your physical desktop into your office drawers.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? The program centers around a Workspace. Within the Workspace, you can add containers, shortcuts, commands, Читать больше, RSS news feeds, pictures, reminders, notes, and a whole lot more. All the content in your Workspace is readily available fences free windows 10 just fences free windows 10 single click. Just dock the fencess fences free windows 10 the side of the screen, and it stays out of sight when not in use; hover your mouse по этому сообщению the dock, and it will instantly expand.

Customization is SideShare’s priority. With a bit of tweaking, you can get the app working exactly the way you want. Download: SideSlide Free. Another computer desktop wiindows for Windows 10, ViPad, also takes a container-based approach to organizing your desktop. However, it just uses one single читать далее, with tabs along the top of the container’s window, allowing you to jump between the different groups of content.

Tabs can hold apps and documents, web links, social media contacts, and even music. The tabs are fully searchable just start typing to start looking and can be rearranged to suit your needs using drag-and-drop. Best of fences free windows 10, you can customize your tabs by downloading free Windows 10 icons from the ViPad website. Download: ViPad Free.

TAGO Fences is the most lightweight app on this list. If you just want a few core features without all the added extras you’ll probably never use, check it out. It’s also arguably the fences free windows 10 Cfd 2016 free download experience, with the aforementioned Nimi Places coming in a close second.

The app lets you store multiple shortcuts and apps within each fence and has a scroll bar if the list of icons becomes too big for the container. You can change the background and tile colors, show or hide individual icons, and drag and drop your content into your preferred order for each container. We know some of you try to avoid third-party apps wherever possible, so we’ll conclude with the native Windows 10 Virtual Desktops feature.

Windows 10 marks the first time multiple virtual desktops have become a mainstream feature. Used correctly, they can massively reduce the amount of clutter on your desktop. For example, if your desktop is a jumble of Steam fences free windows 10, college assignments, and fresh memes you found on Reddit, why not give each category its own desktop space?

Windows 10 is potentially on the way to making all these apps redundant. You can now use the Start menu to group shortcuts and apps into expandable folders just drag one icon over the top of another to get started. If you pair the Start Menu with virtual desktops, you can argue apps like Fences are reaching the end of their life cycle.

However, some users will still love the extra features that they bring. People will messy desktops will be able to extract fred most benefit. If you’re looking for the most Fences-like experience, we recommend Nimi—though all the fencrs on this list are viable Stardock Fences alternatives. Here are the best free alternatives to Fences for managing and organizing your Windows desktop.


– Fences free windows 10


Stardock Fences is one of the best tools that are compatible with the Windows operating system and helps in organizing the icons on the desktop effectively.

The software provides you a commercial solution, and even it brings a desktop suite. The software allows you to control and organize the programs, documents, and websites. Even it provides you the power to hide shortcuts icons, images, documents, and many personal things. You would also feel good to know that the tool offers you core features to organize the desktop with folder portals, customize fences and create your settings.

However, if you do not manage Stardock Fences, you can use its alternatives for the same purposes mentioned above. For your better knowledge about Stardock Fences alternatives, let us take a look at the alternative tools just mentioned below. DesktopShelves is one of the best Stardock Fences alternatives in the present condition. It works most effectively and helps you to organize your desktop. The tool keeps your documents ready to use all the time.

The best facility you will have from this software is the functionality to have its trial version for 14 days. The software allows you to bring the status bar menu to the back or the front with a single click.

DesktopShelves also allows you to open the folder according to your choice, access the power of windows, and check for updates. Creating a screen more attractive, it has got some new features. Now we are going to talk about another Stardock Fences alternative that is better than the previous one. The tool comes with the name iCollections.

It is free to use and perfect for the Mac system. With it, you feel comfortable creating photo frames and can view images on your desktop directly. The features of the tool are fully advanced level, and it comes better than the others.

It helps you to arrange icons on your desktop, and apart from that, the tool keeps all related items together. With few clicks, files, folders, and icons get arranged on the desktop according to your needs. It is free to use and does not consume much disk space. With this tool, you can copy icons or files to any drive. Even you can take it with you to any location for icon configuration.

It provides you a clean and perfect layout for configuration settings to tinker. DragThing is the best shareware Dock application that is compatible with Mac.

It works for apps, open documents, images, and folders including other customized actions with a single keystroke. This particular software is very user-friendly, and at the same time free to use. DragThing is an effective tool for multiple docks and provides you unlimited benefits. It allows you to store the most used clippings like images including text that come workable with just a click for pasting.

The most important thing is that the app helps you to create a slide bar for accessing important files and folders. When you are tired of searching for the best Stardock Fences alternatives, then you can go for Nimi Places. It is free of cost for the windows desktop organizer. The tool allows you to put files and folders for customized needs.

The elements in the containers come in the form of icons thumbnails which help you in finding out applications, documents, and files. Vipad is the ideal one for desktop applications, especially for windows systems.

The application helps you to organize all your desktop items including folders and files in an effective manner. Even with the help of this application, you can send all these to social media friends.

You can arrange applications through this tool in your personalized tabs. It also provides an unlimited customization process to build in themes, icons, wallpapers in need of great excitement. It is easy to operate, and one can feel comfortable while using this software. It saves your time and your energy. You can use this application free of cost. Just need to download the software and use it. DiskSpace is one of the successful Stardock Fences alternatives that work efficiently.

It is free of cost. The software works very well as a disk space analyzer and file recovery. It allows you to free up disk space to delete big files after finding them too big in memory space. This software helps you keep an easy focus on the disk space using an eye-candy ring chart and stunning dynamic animation. The tool is capable of cleaning up the device and makes the device workable for the long run. It integrates with Windows file explorer to find, open, browse and delete the files and folders.

It is a lightweight solution, and you do not need to require IT skill in need of perfect management. Before you come to get its service, you have to follow its guidelines and remove unwanted folders and files.

It does good management for a software solution for the desktops. The tool comes with a group of icons and makes you enabled to create a customized look on your desktop. It is good to know that this software works with its perfect method in the need of effective work for your desktop. Even you can add several icon docs, with this tool easy customization is possible as it brings more accessibility.

Icons come to be positioned anywhere and viewed as circles and inline. With this, you can design stunning docks using 3D icons. Fences provide the best organizational solution for windows. It helps you to design the tabs on the desktop. It can create files that are easy to understand for you.

The tool provides a comprehensive solution that helps one to take control of cluttering and even makes the best way for a clean and creative workspace. This particular software comes with lots of exciting features.

It collects files, folders, icons in a particular area and the files and folders can be hidden with a double click. This particular tool helps you to create a desktop page that you can store with a swipe. This application is designed to create extra desktop spaces, and even it allows in making a customized desktop. RealDesktop works efficiently as the one Stardock Fences alternatives. The tool converts your desktop into a 3D room. It is a new way to design shortcuts and folders.

It completely brings design to your desktop in an interactive way. When you download the software, the software gives you control of the entire desktop in need of perfect design. Real Desktop is completely compatible with the windows system with a desktop button. Comparing to other similar programs, it does not consume more disk space.

Moreover, the app brings an excellent appearance with functionality to your desktop screen. You will have working benefits when you use this software. It is popular and effective among users in the present situation.

You can select anyone from Stardock Fences alternatives mentioned above and use it according to your requirement. Free Stardock Fences Alternatives.


Fences free windows 10.

The 7 Best Free Alternatives to Fences for Windows Desktop Management · 1. Fences · 2. Nimi Places · 3. XLaunchpad · 4. SideSlide · 5. ViPad · 6. TAGO. Fences Windows 10 App – Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences®! Now, Stardock has release this System Utility software for PC. Fences automatically organize your desktop apps, files, and folders on Windows 10 and With innovative features like Peek and customized.


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