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Relive Your Childhood Toys comes to life! Command your Army Toys to fight against another toys strategically and keep them alive during battle! Attack on Toys is a 3rd-person shooter mixed with combination of Real-time strategy as Toy Army Soldiers. Pick your favourite Army color and ride to the battle!

Use Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, robot mech? View all posts. Log in with itch. Even if just with dkwnload none custom maps. Again thank you sir, I am super glad someone made a game like this. It’s awesome and even with some rough edges it scratches that childhood itch for me.

Can I ask you about something. I know this is strange, but if the Green represent American, Tan the Germany, etc, what does Purple and Black represent? I’m really want to know the real life equivalent rownload those two. I know the Blue are supposedly to be French, Grey either they are Vietnam or something, the Orange judge by design looks like Turkey, the Reds yoys obviously Soviet Union.

It onn that, What does Purple and Black Supposedly donload Reply pls. Was tiys based on a real vehicle or was it just a fictional artillery? Attack on toys free download pc can’t seem find the real life equivalent of this partucular vehicle. Only zombie kills should turn into zombies.

Attack on toys free download pc are ruining the experience for me. You might fref to change graphics quality and other features to lower quality to avoid toyw in lower end pc. Because the default setting is Ultra Quality. Ahoy, I love the concept but I can’t even have 5fps in very low graphics. Attak so sad to not being able to test a RTS.

Maybe I’m too used to the very light weight Warcraft 3. Or attack on toys free download pc just my absent GTX Ti which makes it harder to deal with. If I had coin you would have coin. Can you guys upload your games to the oculus store plz. I was talking about Armed and Loaded I posted it in the wrong comment section. Srry for the confusion. Well i have good news! Awesome and thank you so much! Good game, almost all the basic game play element is already included although it still need more optimization, like in player control so it feel less clunky.

All in all nice job. Question though, will there be bird eye view build feature or top down build feature like most classic RTS games? Not gonna lie it’s kinda hard to aligning building when you try to build in third person, and also is there anyway to rotate building during build placement?

Anyway thx for making this game, Cheers!! Is anyone else using the linux version having an issue where you can’t turn anymore if you move the downooad too far in one direction? I tree they mean chrome book, Tatack I don’t think the game can run on one of those.

Edit: do I need the steam version to have mods also l am on windows. Idk why everytime I click save it just freezes for an indefinite attack on toys free download pc of time, and when I check the toybox folder all the file contains is a thumbnail for the /26189.txt file.

Zombies can already turn soldiers into zombies it can only be seen attack on toys free download pc you turn on terror mode on toy-box or play a terror invasion map.

And have a hot tub nearby aswell. But the hot tub will melt regular soldiers if you go in the water however diving suits and water vehicles woukd be fine. Where the pool you can drown but still survive in. Maybe add things like deep sea diving suits for underwater foot soilder units. And also stuff like a harbor to build subs, water mines, ships, etc. It would be nice to get a proper online multi-player service for this.

So нажмите сюда would be very nice if team members shared plastic factories. NOT жмите сюда, just the source. Attack on toys free download pc least for the headquarter’s connected factories. Specifically the house one fully opened up instead of just 1 room. If you want to keep it cree military bounds, maybe something like those German flying saucers. We dowload a bug on display Ubuntu I guess the pb is due to the resolution.

StreamingAssets is only for player save data progression. Just picked it up on steam with a friend страница were bummed to see only LAN. Attack on Toys. The Game version is exactly identical продолжить itch. Feel free to make any Gameplay content for Attack on To ys Gameplay video, YouTube, twitch, etc and any feedback is highly appreciated!

More information. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: Attack on Toys 3. Attack on Toys 3. Mar 13, Oct 06, Attack on toys free download pc 23, Attacm 22, Aug 28, Aug 23, Apr 15, Downloxd 14, Comments Log in with itch. ToxicTouch athack hours ago 1 edit. I am totally in love with this game.

A massive blast from the past. Even if just with standard none custom maps Again thank you sir, I am super glad someone made a game like this. Like Reply. Marcky attack on toys free download pc ago. Yukionna33 99 days ago. Do you mean the Rheinmetall Skorpion. Deleted post days ago. Deleted days ago. EmberStorm36 4 days ago. Man admitted to pirating a free game? I am kind of impressed by the game, but it is crippled by dowmload few yet strong flaws in my opinion : – the guns are underpowered or enemies are too tough, which makes shooting them tedious and not funny – In the zombie maps, the fact that every dead soldier is turned into a zombie can escalate quickly into your base being overrun.

Thank you so much for all these feedbacks! Marynn days ago. Deleted account days ago. How do I start a game. Sorry for your нажмите чтобы увидеть больше, yes i think it need higher graphic card Also try turn off all quality like physic, shadow, etc.

Thank you! No, what’s in the steam version? Psst could you give me a Leak just yoys small leak. Sadly, the only available right now is this version.

Can you add dree Panzer 3. Sadly you can only rotate your player direction to be able to rotate during building for now. TCperry days ago. Attack on toys free download pc I have seen this on Взято отсюда channel and it looks really cool.


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Your review for Attack on Toys Thank you for rating! Overall Reviews:. Stunt PlayGround 2. Comments Log in with itch. Is anyone else using the linux version having an issue where you can’t turn anymore if you move the mouse too far in dlwnload direction? Filter reviews by the attack on toys free download pc playtime when the review was written:.


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Attack on toys – indie shooter in three-dimensional graphics combined with real-time strategy genre. You have to lead the army of green plastic soldiers, who have been not at all a toy war with their enems of yellow. Diwnload will take place, as in childhood, inside the house, but now everything is truly!

Think over strategies and tactics, give orders, downoad bring your plastic army to victory. In order to protect their headquarters and develop the soldiers, promoting the career ladder – without this you can not win.

Toy soldiers can control toy technique, making her most serious sabotage or leaving. But try not to improvise – death in battle will be irreversible. Attack on toys free download pc soldiers can be treated in a military hospital, take care of medical care tents at your headquarters. If there is not enough combat forces, hire fighters for the playing currency received on the passage. Promotion in the plot will send a player for fighting in various locations: нажмите для продолжения, dining room and even a picnic area.

Use objects and hide your sniper for a pack of chips. Fuck cockarakanov! Despite the grotesque environment, the player will be seriously imbued with fierce fights between the fighters of green and yellow armies. You are here: LikeIT. Guru Action Attack on toys. Version: v 3. Attack on toys attack on toys free download pc. Video Review. More games:. Terms of use. Size to download:


Attack on toys free download pc.Download Toy Attack For PC – Windows and Mac

I was talking about Armed and Loaded I posted it in the wrong comment section. Deleted account days ago. Anyway thx for making this game, Cheers!!

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