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Battlefield 1942 free pc.Battlefield 1942 is now free on Origin

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Battlefield 1942 free pc –


Can you believe this game is 10 years old? It looks it, too — but it’s still a ton of fun. Get your World War II on free of px while you can. Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands читать далее reviews, features and blog posts.

He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms chronicled in the ebook “I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie”. Avid gamers will recall that EA’s Battlefield 11942 one of the most popular titles It battlefield 1942 free pc the game that kicked off the entire Battlefield series, which, in the past decade, has produced some monster hits.

Don’t worry that it appears on Origin’s Demos battlefifld it’s definitely the full game. To get it, you’ll need an Origin account and the Origin download client, both free, both akin to Steam but solely for EA games, natch.

With those items in place, just click Get It Now and you’re battlefield 1942 free pc to the races — er, battlefield. If you’ve never played the game, it’s a first-person shooter set during — duh — World War II. Unlike most scripted shooters, however, this one drops you on the battlefield with only the most basic mission outline, then gives you free reign i. You can run-and-gun on foot, or jump into a jeep, tank, dive bomber, or dozens of other vehicles. Of course, battlefield 1942 free pc really meant to be enjoyed online, with other players — up to 64 of which can share the same map.

And I’m happy to report that game servers are alive and well, so there’s plenty of massively multiplayer action yet battletield be had.

And what a blast from the past. Battlefield was designed with square monitors in mind, not the wide-screen LCDs we’re all accustomed to today.

And visually, well, it looks about as muddy and bqttlefield as you’d expect battlefield 1942 free pc year-old game to look. That said, px core game remains outstanding — and you can’t argue with the price. I’m not sure if this is a limited-time giveaway or EA plans to make the game free from here on out though I’m guessing the former.

If you bqttlefield to see how the Battlefield series began, or you’re just in the mood for some awesome Battlefield 1942 free pc War II combat, gree is definitely your lucky day. Your guide to a better future. Want CNET to notify you of price drops and the latest stories? No, thank you Accept. Tech Computing. Rick Broida.

Rick Broida Senior Editor. Electronic Arts.


Battlefield 1942 free pc –


But don’t mind him, his face has had a hard day. Go get Battlefield The textures might offend modern video-graphics consumers, but it remains one of my favorite multiplayer shooters. I’ve had way more fun standing on the wings of flying planes than I ever have respecting physics in Battlefield 3.

The release is apparently tied to the celebration of Battlefield’s 10th anniversary, which was a couple months ago, so it’s possible we just missed it. Either way, it’s here now. Tyler grew up in Silicon Valley alongside Apple and Microsoft, playing games like Zork and Arkanoid on the early personal computers his parents brought home.

He thought it was OK. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics battlefield , complete collection , windows 10 compatible , a white bob installer , EA Games , road to rome , ww2 weapons , war Language English. Getting classic games to run on modern systems is a hobby of mine, it takes up a lot of my time and sometimes money ; If you have found the above upload of use, please consider donating.

Thank you so much. I’ve been trying my best to play this, but my antivirus always said they were viruses. This time, it didnt say anything, plus I checked the old virus files on virustotal and the game is completely safe. I cna now enjoy this geM. Thank you so much!! Reviewer: tclark – – June 9, Subject: Installer didn’t work When I opened the installer, it acted like it was extracting files or something, but then that window went away and nothing else opened.

Any ideas? Those are the only things i have to complain about. Thank you for making this possible. Reviewer: Shannon Ferguson – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – December 29, Subject: Thank you!


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